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That’s a D&D Manual



Upon reflection, “Smashed” is a very poorly structured episode.  Without any real A-story to tie things together, it’s basically a collection of subplots.  Which would be fine, except that Spike’s apparently malfunctioning chip and/or Willow’s growing irresponsibility were interesting enough to deserve the episode’s focus.  Still, as sub-plot collections go, this is a good one, moving along briskly without looking too much like stage setting for the season arc.  It’s a testament to the continued strength of this series’ characters that we’re basically able to just watch them hang out for an hour and still have faith that the episode’s going somewhere. Continue reading

Stay behind me

First off, sorry for the delayed post, real life simply took precedence over this increasingly mediocre series.  Having now watched “Get Gellar,” I’m happy to say I didn’t miss much.  Yes, as everyone who was paying attention should’ve realized, Travis is crazy and Gellar’s his Dark Passenger in every sense of the word.  This episode provides a perfect example of what’s wrong with Dexter these days; rock-bottom expectations of the audience.  I’ve written extensively that great fiction makes demands of its audience, insisting on greater investment in order to yield greater payoffs.  Dexter’s become determined to serve things up to the audience on a silver platter and bafflingly confident that no one cares enough to ask a few basic questions. Continue reading

Richard doesn't have any answers

At the end of this episode I found myself pleasantly surprised by how engaging Richard’s story was while being disappointed in how little it answered.  Having had a night to sleep on it Continue reading