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You’re a Hell of a Woman

Don't pretend that the scar doesn't make me more attractive

Don’t pretend that the scar doesn’t make me more attractive

“As You Were” is one deft piece of storytelling.  Not an exceptionally good episode or even an exceptionally good story, but a clever one.  Much like in Angel’s second season, the writers have been painting our protagonist into a progressively darker corner.  It’s been entertaining to watch her fall but it’s also been getting harder to see how she’ll get back to the Buffy we love without some sort of narrative cheat.  “Epiphany” was a huge success for Angel but not only has Buffy already slept with her unhealthy love interest, that trick’s been done.  BtVS’s solution isn’t quite as brilliant, but it’s still a good one.  By tying Buffy’s redemption to Riley’s the series is able to get away with the easy answer that people can and do get better.  That’s not nearly as profound as Angel’s life lesson, but this episode’s still able to make it feel satisfying, and that’s impressive. Continue reading

He doesn't get to save his daughter

Oh Ben, thank you for proving you’re still the biggest badass on the island.  Michael Emerson also earns top marks in LA X, though for opposite reasons, in an episode that otherwise embodied the “ok” assessment.  Continue reading

Every question I answer will simply lead to another question

Objectively, “Across The Sea” is a great episode.  Lost’s roots are in revealing surprising and insightful backgrounds for its characters and the Jacob/MiB origin is no exception.  That said, Continue reading