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Since when am I not hot enough to sell Coke?

One week after the heights of “The Hobo Code”, we’re back to the sterile, un-affecting, version of Mad Men.  I might even go a step further than that and say that not only does “Shoot” fail to capitalize in the good work done in “The Hobo Code,” it undermines it by letting Don find some measure of integrity in his life at Sterling Cooper.  Don, like most characters, is most interesting when he’s conflicted and giving him such a clear victory over an even slimier businessman provides a moral certitude we didn’t need.  The journey there isn’t even particularly interesting as “will he or won’t he” is never in any real doubt.  The “real” drama may be in the fact that Betty’s ambitions are also hanging in the balance but her domestic angst just isn’t resonating with me. Continue reading